About The Firm

Joseph Sheehan is the sole owner and President of the firm, which was founded in 2006. He has a long record of excellence in the industry that has involved all aspects of commercial construction, including preconstruction planning, estimating, supervision, purchasing, scheduling, and management. His expertise includes both new construction and renovations to existing buildings. The projects have ranged from sports stadium complexes, hospitals, churches, gymnasiums, restaurants, retail, laboratories, universities, data centers, exterior plazas, high end office space, to supermarkets.

His associates have similar experience, and the prevailing attitude of the firm is to “identify/solve problems and make things happen”. We communicate in a timely, respectful manner with all our fellow team members, including our subcontractors. We have fun as we build.

Joseph D. Sheehan Associates can provide Construction Management services, or we can be your General Contractor or Consultant. The approach is the same; our experienced team spends the necessary time in preparation, so that we can anticipate potential problems before they become real problems. We don’t “watch and report”, but rather take initiative to effectively control schedule, budget, quality and safety.

We assert, based on our track record and feedback from team members, that the cumulative effect of our experience, our attitudes, our standard operating procedures, and our work ethic, consistently puts us in a great position to achieve outstanding results for our clients.