Why Sheehan Associates?

Construction is a very mature business; a construction company can only differentiate itself through the level of service it provides as it interacts with the owner, the designers, the subcontractors, and the regulatory agencies. At Sheehan Associates, we strive to effectively lead the interaction of these groups in such a manner as to CAUSE a positive impact on the job as a whole. We CAUSE the owner to receive maximum value on the construction investment. We CAUSE the owner to have a comfort level that allows them to remain focused on their core business, rather than being bogged down by excessive worries from the construction project.

And how do we do this? We focus on the tangibles- cost, quality, schedule, safety, and the business relationships. Each of these parameters impacts the others, and we manage with this recognition so as to be successful in all these areas. Sheehan Associates prides itself on its ability to bring about success on difficult, fast track, design/build projects. And we can say this before we even know the design team and the subcontractors on the job, because we rely on a time tested management program run by experienced, properly motivated people, who CAUSE success.

We look forward to meeting so that Sheehan Associates can personally describe the following:

  1. The culture and employees of Sheehan Associates,
  2. Defining success at Sheehan Associates, and
  3. Systems employed at Sheehan Associates

A construction project is an enormous investment and commitment from the client that deserves commensurate attention from the builder.  We encourage the client to compare our team with the competition’s team, and to listen to industry opinions about the strengths of each firm.

We look forward to meeting in person for an opportunity to see if we are a good fit for your needs. We will work hard to save you time and money, while delivering quality and functionality.


Please contact us:
Phone: 508-868-6013